Dr. Paul Kwaku Larbi Anderson

Current professional background:
I am a member of Prof. Dr. Johannes Schädler’s FACIL-ICT Ghana research team, which is part of the Centre for Planning and Development of Social Services (ZPE).

Field of research:
My research focus has been on dealing with decentralization and local government, and I examine how communication problems sometimes arise between local people and government officials in decentralized government arrangements. For example, I am looking at whether existing forms of interaction between citizens and authorities can be further developed and how contacts can be facilitated in the long term.

Relation to the University of Siegen and to the local host:
My first contact with Prof. Schädler was as soon as I finished my master’s degree in “Roads to Democracies”. First I suggested to Prof. Strünck my interest in doing a PhD and he told me that he does not have the capacity to do it, but he knows another professor who works with Ghana and since I am Ghanaian he would recommend me to him. He made that recommendation and I sent my Master’s thesis to Prof. Schädler. He told me he saw connections between what I did, what I am doing, and what he is doing. After that he supervised my dissertation. Now we work together.

Future projects / Activities:
As long as the FACIL-ICT Ghana project exists and I am able continue to work on it, I would like to work here. I will also be happy to participate in other projects that arise in this context.

Impressions of Siegen:
Germany as a whole doesn’t take fees from students so doing my masters and PhD here was like a scholarship. I think it was very helpful to me because I was able to concentrate on my dissertations and had not to work so much. I was being supported. Also in Siegen we have a good working relations and good linkages. Especially working with Prof. Schädler and the ZPE is a great opportunity.