Computer-Based Simulations of Metastatic Formation

Researchers at the Universities of Siegen and Gießen are presenting a new computer model for simulating how cells, which have previously separated from a primary tumor and traveled through the vascular system, penetrate into healthy tissue. Their insights can potentially improve the prediction of effectiveness of drug-based tumor therapies. Cancer is responsible for almost ten million deaths annually worldwide. The primary cause of cancer-related death is the formation of metastases, an aftereffect of the tumor itself. While this phenomenon is one of the primary characteristics of cancer, it has not been explored in full to date. Given that, the probability of successful cancer treatment sinks significantly once metastases have begun forming, tools for predicting tumor growth and metastatic formation would be very useful. In this field computer simulations can deliver crucial contributions. And this is where researcher from the Universities of Siegen and Gießen are looking to help.

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