Central Point of Contact for Start-Ups at the University of Siegen

The University of Siegen’s new Entrepreneurship Center bundles the institution’s many programs and activities for supporting corporate start-ups. University students and employees can draw on helpful assistance in moving from initial concept to opening the doors of a newly founded company. There’s a new central contact point for students and employees at the University of Siegen with a bright idea for a business of their own. The Entrepreneurship Center offers an extensive program of start-up support, bringing all of the university’s existing activities in this area together under one roof. More than 20 employees stand ready to provide concrete aid to founder-minded members of the university community. A pair of projects with funding from the federal and state level—enableUS and ventUS—have also been bundled into the Entrepreneurship Center, which is located in the Haus der Innovation at Sandstraße 26, in the heart of Siegen.


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