FabLabs Launching International Partnership

FabLabs, Makerspaces, and Design Factories from five countries are launching a new European partnership, to be coordinated by the University of Siegen. The goal is to provide greater access to the creative workshops at the national and international levels.


Operating a 3D printer in France or working with Portugese researchers on a joint prototype — the University of Siegen is helping make it happen. To this end, five FabLabs, Makerspaces, and Design Factories will now be cooperating within the ATHENA University Alliance. Each represents a creative and high-tech workshop available to interested laypersons and experts alike. Users can take advantage of cutting-edge technology for prototyping and for testing and incorporating production processes ranging from 3D printing and laser cutters to CNC milling. The goal of the international FabLabs partnership is to develop shared instructional offerings for the needs of students, private citizens, and companies. In addition, all participating universities will gain strong opportunities to establish contacts with industrial players in the respective regions.


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