Conserving resources in the paper industry

Two research projects at the Institute for Production Technology at the University of Siegen (PROTECH) are to contribute to resource conservation in paper recycling.

The production of paper consumes a lot of energy, wood and water. The annual emission of about 10.6 million tons of CO2 from paper production in Germany corresponds to the emissions of about 4.5 million cars. The two research projects of the Chair of International Production Engineering and Management headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Burggräf, ODiWiP (Optimized Recyclable Materials Cycle in the Paper Industry) and EnEWA (Energy Saving in Paper Production by Tapping the Value Chains of Waste Paper from Lightweight Packaging, Residual Waste and Commercial Waste), use different approaches to pursue the common goal of further reducing resource consumption in paper production and recycling.

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