Prof. Dr. Jordi Jané-Lligé

Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Host at the University of Siegen:

Univ.- Prof. Dr. Niels Werber

Department of German – Modern German Literature


Current professional background:

I am from Barcelona and work as a lecturer and researcher in the English and German Studies Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


Field of research:

My field of work is German studies and the theory and history of translation. For several years I have been trying to apply the systems theory perspective to the analysis of literary translation processes. Currently I am working on the translations of Günter Grass into Catalan and Spanish.


Purpose of your current research visit:

My research visit to Siegen is rather short, only three months. This is because it is for a very specific project, namely the analysis of two existing translations of the Gunther Grass novel The Tin Drum into Spanish (and Catalan?).


Relation to the University of Siegen and/or to the local host:

After reading many of Prof. Werber’s published research, I found his contributions to the field of systems-theoretical literary studies very inspiring, so I reached out to him so that we could collaborate. After being in contact for several months we decided that it would be good for me to undertake a research visit to Siegen, and with the support of a DAAD scholarship I was able to do so.


Future projects / Activities:

I would love to come back to Siegen. Prof. Werber and I are currently hoping to be able to start sending students on exchanges between our two institutions, but this is still in the planning stages at the moment.


Impressions of Siegen:

It has not been so easy for me to experience Siegen during my stay here because of the pandemic, however I believe that this city is ideal for a university, it is not too big, very green, and it  is easy to reach everywhere. I have also noticed that the University is working to bring more of its faculties into the city itself.