“A fantastic opportunity for the whole university”

The University of Siegen has won funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program for a large-scale project aimed at strengthening the mobility and career development of scientists. It gives experienced researchers from around the globe the opportunity to work as visiting fellows in Siegen.

The brightest brains from all over the world can spend time at the University of Siegen working on innovative research projects alongside the University’s own scientists. This is the idea behind the STAR project, which receives funding as part of the COFUND module within the European Union’s Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions program. Other participants apart from the University of Siegen are more than 20 international partner organizations – including research institutes from renowned universities such as Stanford or Cambridge and big-name companies such as IBM and Siemens Medical Solutions. They will support the researchers with their projects and offer them various cooperation options. STAR will run for five years and has a budget of more than EUR 4 million. It is financed partly by the EU (some EUR 1.76 million) and partly by the University of Siegen itself. The project launch is scheduled for October 2020. Click here to read more.