RA meeting at 25th anniversary of Prof Christ’s professorship

Another Research Alumni Network Meeting took place within the department of Material Science and Material Testing of the University of Siegen, headed by Prof. Dr. Christ. This meeting took place within the context of the 25th anniversary of Prof Christ’s professorship. To mark the occasion, 3 academic researchers, all of whom have previously conducted academic guest stays at Christ’s department, came back to Siegen.

Prof. Dr. Teodolito Guillén-Girón was in Siegen from 2005-2012, where he received his masters of Science and doctorate, after which he became a professor at the Costa Rican Institute of Technology. He returned to Siegen in order to discuss the organisational structure of his institute, as well as to present the results of various scientific projects undertaken by his research group.

Prof. Dr. Jian Xiong, from the Harbin Institute of Technology, China first came to the University of Siegen from April 2015 to August 2016 as a Humboldt Research Fellow. He was once again in Siegen to present the results of his research into the modelling of mechanical deformations and damage behaviour of the human skull during accident-typical stress conditions.

Dr. Olga Tsurtsumia first came to Siegen in 2012 as a DAAD scholar, her last visit was in 2015. She is currently based at the Georgian Technical University. She came back to Siegen in order to deliver a lecture on the results of a research project detailing the oxidation behaviour of a coated iron-base alloy. This meeting allowed these researchers to exchange their ideas, make and maintain new contacts and to further promote their scientific research across the world.

Siegen may be a relatively small city, but through the work of its academic researchers and institutions, it is able to make a big impact on the international stage.