Prof. Dr. Alexandre Avelino Giffoni Jr.

Current professional background

I have been a Professor of higher education and scientific methodologies at the University of Rio Verde – UniRV, State of Goiás, Brazil since 1992. I have been working with qualitative interventionist research in teaching and learning processes in schools and other institutions. As part of my position, I act as the coordinator of the International Relations and Mobility Office, where I develop binational programs of research, international congresses, seminars, et cetera.

I am working on my post-doctorate at the University of Siegen with a project that aims to build and manage an institution connected with my university for the development of children with special needs and which provides orientation for their parents and educators.

Field of research

My research is focused on didactic-pedagogic interventions in schools and institutions of the third sector that work with children’s development within communities and people in difficult social situations in Brazil. I am also researching the internationalisation and mobility of students, teachers and researchers in a globalised planet.

Purpose of your last research visit

My last visit to Siegen in 2017 aimed to strengthen the relationship between the University of Siegen and the University of Rio Verde (UniRV) in the areas of international mobility and research cooperation. This visit resulted in the common agreement of international cooperation between the two Universities and was the beginning of my post-doctorate studies at the University of Siegen this year.

Relation to the University of Siegen and the local host

I visited the Haus Früher Hilfen – HFH, directed by Dr. Wolfgang Wörster and located in the Oberbergischer Kreis, Germany, last year, together with Prof. Dr. Fichtner (University of  Siegen) and Professor Sebastião L. Pereira, the Rector of UniRV. Impressed by the interdisciplinary work of this institution, with its high social outreach, our rector decided that the UniRV could build an institute inspired by the guidance of HFH.

This institute will be a transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary educational-therapeutic unit, which will work for the development of children with special needs, and give guidance to their families and caregivers. The UniRV, the Rio Verde City Hall and the City Council joined forces to build the HFH in our city, with the full support of the Mayor of Rio Verde.

Future projects and Activities

The construction and maintenance of the Institute I mentioned above will be under the responsibility of the UniRV, which will use it to carry out research, postgraduate courses, multiprofessional training of students and professors of both universities, exchange and international mobility. My duty here at the University of Siegen is to develop and manage the whole project with my colleagues: Professors Fichtner, Exner and Dr. Wörster.

Impressions of Siegen

I already feel at home in the beautiful Siegerland with its lovely people. I love walking through the trails at the mountains and forests of Hilchenbach, where I lived with the kind company of my friends, Prof. Dr. Fichtner and his wife Maria Benites. I am especially thankful to Nina Fenn and all the staff of the International Office: they have made me feel at home since the first day I arrived in this wonderful city.