Dr. Mohamed Amine Masmoudi

Current professional background

I am an Assistant Researcher at the University of Siegen, Faculty III, School of Economic Disciplines. Before I came to Siegen, I was working at the Geneva School of Business Administration, Switzerland as a recipient of the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship, originally I am from Tunisia.

Field of research

Transportation, (hybrid) Metaheuristics, Operation Research, Logistic, Vehicle Routing.

Purpose of your last research visit

Start of a new collaboration in the field of transportation and the development of a research proposal to be submitted to the German Research Foundation and the Swiss National Science Foundation. Of course, I wanted to meet my colleagues and friends of the team of Prof. Dr. Pesch.

Relation to the University of Siegen and the localhost

I worked with Prof. Dr. Pesch on two papers that are submitted in top journals.

Future projects and Activities

My future project is to develop and solve a new problem arise in the field of transportation of peoples and parcels using a fleet of electric taxis in Deutsche Bahn.

Impressions of Siegen

The University Siegen has a fantastic atmosphere of collaboration where I discovered an excellent team. The university (faculty) provide all the necessary types of equipment needed for our research.