Dr. Efua Esaaba Agyire-Tettey

Current professional background

I am currently a lecturer at the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana. I lecture in social work at the Department of Social Work and Social Issues in Environmental Sanitation at the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies. I also provide advisory services to individuals on general social issues. I have been part of the Centre for Environmental Research Policy Analysis (CERPA) as a senior research advisor.

Field of research

My research is specialised in disability Issues, particularly the welfare of children with disabilities, social protection, family welfare, human rights, and violence and conflict management. I also have experience and interest in gender issues and the general discipline of humanities. I also try to actively collaborate with researchers in other disciplines. My current research project includes inclusive design of local communities through new forms of social planning: pilot project at Suhum municipality, eastern region, Ghana, host country views on short-term health volunteer programmes and exploring the experiences of parents with children with disabilities.

Purpose of your last research visit

I had a joint project with my supervisor, funded by Engagement Global North-Rhine-Westphalia. I visited Siegen to discuss future research and to present the final report of the joint project between Centre for Planning and Evaluation of Social Services, University of Siegen, the Department of Social Work, University of Ghana, Suhum Municipality Assembly, and the City of Siegen. Besides discussing the joint research project, I also gave a lecture on the role of social work in Ghana. In addition, my previous visit to Siegen was to participate in an international study week where I had the opportunity to present papers on child welfare and protection in Ghana: developing of structure between old tradition and new demands of contemporary society, social protection in Ghana and rethinking disability rights. It was an interesting experience interacting with students and faculty.

Relation to the University of Siegen and the local host

I have had a great relationship with Prof. Dr. Schädler of University of Siegen. He has been my host every time
I visited Siegen and as a result the Universities of Siegen and Ghana have a great research collaboration.

Future projects and Activities

I am considering further cooperation with Prof. Dr. Schädler by developing our current project further (includes inclusive design of local communities through new forms of social planning – pilot project at Suhum municipality, eastern region, Ghana), adapting it and replicating it in other districts in Ghana and to develop a manual for inclusive communities in Ghana. Also we are considering a project on perspectives of failed asylum seekers in NRW, Germany who have returned to Ghana.

Impressions of Siegen

The environment in Siegen is conducive for learning, the faculty provided facilities available to all category of learners. The university is multicultural and the students are very receptive which helps to adjust to a new environment. The city is small, very cold at winter and quiet particularly during vacation, but it keeps improving every time I visit. The environment is beautiful, especially during the spring. I value my time in Siegen, particularly my research collaboration with Prof. Dr. Schädler.