Prof. Dr. Bo Song

Current professional background:

Professor at Soochow University

Field of research:
  • Supramolecular assembly
  • Colloidal and interfaces
  • Fluorescence probes for bio-imaging
Purpose of your last research visit / Relation to the University of Siegen and/or to the local host:

The main target of my visit is to establish the collaboration with Prof. Holger Schoenherr in form of research study, exchange student, and bilateral joint fund. Actually, these items are connected, and will become each other’s support.

Future projects / Activities:

(1) Currently, we nailed down the specific research collaboration starting with fluorescence measurement and interpretation. Besides Prof. Holger Schoenherr and I, Sergy, an expert on fluorescence, will be involved. Intensified discussion can be conducted via email or network meeting (for example Skype). (2) Around the end of 2017, we will try to encourage student join the collaboration. From my side, I try to find financial sources to support master student to register as a PhD student in Siegen University. The student will be co-guided by Holger and me. By doing this, for one thing we can have more close collaboration, and for the other thing we can expand to larger scale collaboration (involve more project, student, and even professors). (3) The above-mentioned two aspects will make the bases for bilateral joint fund application. We hope that the health feedback of our lab-level collaboration can be expanded to depart-level, and even more.