Dr. Ozgül Öztürk

Current professional background:

Research scientist at the University of Siegen physics department.

Field of research:

I currently work in the field of solid state physics, specifically my project is about nanowires.

Purpose of your last research visit:

I actually did my post-doctoral degree here in Siegen. That was when I began work on my nanowires project. Nanomaterials could be inserted onto the graphene, and then by combining this with polymers we are able to produce new kinds of optoelectronic sensors.

Relation to the University of Siegen and/or to the local host:

After finishing my PHD in Istanbul I came to Siegen originally for my post doctoral degree and worked with Prof. Dr. Ullrich Pietsch. After working in Istanbul for 8 years as an assistant professor, I have been offered a permanent position here in Siegen.

Future projects / Activities:

The University of Siegen is great for my research, so therefore I want to continue working on these projects here. We are currently performing experiments to optimise the graphene and nanowire samples further. As Richard Feynman, one of the first scientists to study nanomaterials, said, “there is plenty of room at the bottom.” So the possibilities with nanoscience are endless, with possible uses in the fields of biophysics, material science and pharmaceuticals.
I am also involved with a joint project in Jordan which uses a synchrotron, one of the most wonderful things about this project is that it highlights the power of science to bring people from different nations together. Even if their governments are currently not getting along with one another.

Impressions of Siegen:

Compared to Istanbul, Siegen is like a different planet! But I find it to be a nice change from living in a different city. I found everyone here, including Professor Pietsch to be very warm and welcoming to me. Siegen also feels like a nice place to raise my child.