Dr. Alexey Yushkov

Current professional background:

Senior researcher at the Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague Coordinator of the physics task “Composition” of the Pierre Auger Collaboration

Field of research:

Experimental physics of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays

Purpose of your last research visit:

Discussion of details of the common work on analysis of the mass composition of ultra-high energy cosmic rays and of the photon searches using data of the Pierre Auger Observatory. Coordination of various activities within the Auger collaboration for publications and discussion with the students of the Siegen group of their master and PhD projects.

Relation to the University of Siegen and/or to the local host:

Postdoctoral position in the group of Prof. Markus Risse, 07/2013-03/2016

Future projects / Activities:

Research topics described above will continue also after the two planned research visits and surely reach into the next 1-2 years. There are more analysis topics, not yet mentioned, that may later come in addition; also in terms of hardware expertise (electronics of Auger detectors) and of the ongoing upgrade of the Auger Observatory, communications may prove useful.

To this end, the present visits would also be used to check options for further third-party funding of research visits (like DAAD). This includes mutual visits of various group members (Siegen-Prague), with the aim to strengthen the links between the two working groups.